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Histology Silk Scarves



Working with Wellcome images and some histologists in Belgium, I’ve created a range of silk scarves and handkerchiefs printed with histological slides of human tissue.



This 100% pure silk scarf is printed with the a slice of human scalp tissue, stained and examined with light microscopy.
This section is cut through the dermis of the scalp. The dermis is the lower (or innermost) layer of the two layers that make up the skin, the other being the epidermis. The dermis contains hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, blood vessels and lymph vessels. The section is cut tangentially in a plane +/- parallel to the skin surface. Hair follicles (blue and bright red circles) are observed in transverse sections on the left hand side, sebaceous glands are shown as pink masses and groups of sweat ducts are seen as patches of small dark blue circles, all of which are embedded in a matrix of blue collagen fibres. The right hand side is dominated by adipose tissue (fat), as white spaces among which are scattered hair follicles and groups of sweat glands.

The scarf is made from crepe back silk satin with a machine rolled hem and measures 125cm X 125cm

The original histology slide is courtesy of Spike Walker, Wellcome images
Product photography by Nathan Pask

View the full collection of large silk scarves at my shop:



The handkerchiefs and headscarves are available in 5 different Histological slide designs: Nail bed, Rectum, Bone, Cartilage and Cat Testicle.



…and I couldn’t resist adding Custard Cakehead modelling a cat testicle neckerchief to celebrate the launch of the range!


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  1. Marta says:

    great idea! I like your scarves

  2. Linda Watson, DVM says:

    Wonderful idea and lovely execution! The scarves are absolutely beautiful and I love the variety of tissue types and stains represented!

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