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Histology Plates


Histology: The study of the microscopic anatomy of cells and tissues. Tissue sections are stained and examined under a microscope .

My colleague at Cambridge University, Michelle Spear, Clinical Anatomist (originally a Histologist) provided the original images for these plates. She prepared slides of various human tissues, stained and scanned them for me for this project.

The plates are 20cm diameter bone china cake plates, available in 8 different human tissue designs: Thyroid, Bowel, liver, Bone, Pancreas, Oesophagus, Testicle, Kidney

The complete range is now available to purchase from my shop.

These are the 8 designs available;











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  1. Sue Shaw-Hawkins says:

    I have just been to the Eat Your Heart Out exhibition and loved your plates. Will they be available from your website after the show has closed?

  2. Mahasti lSaghatchian says:


    I am a medical oncologist in France, Paris

    I just came across your website and saw your fabulous plates. I would like to buy a 12 of them for myself and 6 for a friend colleague. Is it is possible? How should we proceed?
    Congratulations for your amazing work.

    Waiting for your reply,

    Yours, Mahasti

  3. NIcholas Tadin says:

    I love these plates and would want to purchase an entire set. How can I do so?
    Please get back to me if you can, I am deeply interested.

  4. Sandra says:

    I loved your histology plates! I would be interested in purchasing some. When would they be available?

  5. Conny Moz says:

    These plates are awesome. Please sale them.

  6. Romain says:

    Your plates are awesome!
    Do you sell it?

  7. Ibexxx says:

    Please sell them!

  8. natasha says:

    I would also be interested in purchasing some, do you sell them?

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